4 Tips For Choosing A Pickup For Work And Pleasure

3 August 2015
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Pickup trucks are great for both work and play, but many people have a tough time using the same truck for both. Luckily, if you look for a few features when shopping for your new truck, you can find a truck that will be suitable for all of your needs.

1. Opt for Leather

Many people prefer to choose work trucks with a vinyl interior, while those who are shopping for a truck for personal use often look for cloth seats. If you opt for leather upholstery, however, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Your leather will be easy to clean if it gets dirty during the workday, so you won't have to worry about staining your cloth upholstery. And it can be more appealing for your family than the vinyl interior often associated with work trucks.

2. Skip the Four-Wheel Drive (If You Don't Need It)

Many people purchase four-wheel drive pickup trucks for work, but a lot of these people really don't need this extra feature. Unless you use your truck to go off-road often, you are better off with a two-wheel drive truck. Four-wheel drive vehicles are more expensive, which can make them less than the best choice for a vehicle that you will be using for both work and taking trips with your family.

3. Choose an Extended Cab

Many work trucks only have a basic cab, but if you are going to be using your truck for everyday use, you might need a little more room for your friends, family members or other passengers. An extended cab can be a better option because it can provide more room for your family, but it can also be convenient when you're working and want to keep some of your belongings safe inside of your truck.

4. Pick an Easy-to-Clean Color

You might not mind if the outside of your work truck is dirty when you're on the job, but you probably don't want your truck to look dirty when you're out on the town. A great way to transition well between the two is by choosing an exterior paint color that is easy to clean. For example, a white truck won't show as much dirt from the workday as a darker-colored vehicle.

There is no reason to have separate vehicles for work and pleasure if you don't want them. Instead, follow these tips to pick out a truck from a professional dealer, like Ranger Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, that will transition well for both.