2 Reasons To Consider An SUV For A Bug Out Plan

29 June 2016
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A bug out plan is one of the most important tools at your disposal in the event of a disaster, mostly because it will help you get you and your family to safely. One of the most important and essential parts of a bug out plan is having an appropriate bug out vehicle. Listed below are two reasons to consider an SUV for your bug out plan.

Secure Storage Space

One of the biggest benefits provided by an SUV when it comes to a bug out plan is that the SUV can provide quite a bit of secure storage space. Not only will many SUV models provide you with a large enough space to accommodate multiple passengers alongside food, water, and medical supplies, but it will do so in a way that protects it from the elements. Due to the storage space being located inside the vehicle's cabin, you will not have to worry about weather conditions ruining your precious survival supplies. 

Another benefit to the storage space in an SUV is that it can protect your supplies from other people who may not have prepared for the disaster and may be considering stealing other people's supplies. In that situation, the fact that the supplies are in the cabin means that you can easily hide them from view and limit the chances of your vehicle becoming a target for potential thieves. 

Off-Road Potential

Another reason to consider an SUV is that getting to your bug out location may not be as easy as simply driving down the road. In many cases, you may end up having to go off-road in order to avoid damaged roads, obstacles, or simply in order to get to a particularly remote bug out location. However, many SUVs can help you prepare for this issue by offering models with all-wheel or four-wheel drive capabilities. 

In addition, the off-road capabilities of these vehicles can also make it much more likely that you will arrive at your destination safely. This is because the all-wheel and four-wheel drive capability can help prevent you from becoming stuck in the middle of nowhere or losing control of your vehicle in the event that you run into foul weather on the way to your bug out location.

Visit your local dealership today in order to start test-driving the many SUV options that would make a fine addition to your bug out plan. An SUV is a great bug out vehicle choice because it can provide both secure storage space and off-road capabilities. To learn more about purchasing an SUV, contact a dealership like Woody Sander Ford.