Secrets Everyone Should Know Before Buying Their First Used Car

25 August 2015
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Are you excited about purchasing your first used car, yet intimidated by the process? Have you postponed making any decisions because you're worried that you don't have enough knowledge to make a correct choice? Here are some tips that should make your experience less stressful:  Shop for your money first: Arrange financing before you start looking at used cars. You may find that the automotive dealer will try to get your business by offering rates that compete with your bank or credit union. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Rent-to-Own When You Have Bad Credit But Need a Car

11 August 2015
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If you have bad credit, it puts you in a tough spot when you need to buy a new car. You may need a car to get back and forth to work. It's certainly more convenient to have your own car for grocery shopping and running errands. However, when your credit is bad, you'll have difficulty getting a loan. An alternative that might work for you is to buy a car under a rent-to-own program. Read More 

3 Types of Bug Out Vehicles to Consider

10 August 2015
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One of the most important aspects of a bug out plan is transportation. A bug out location is a place that you prepare ahead of time in order to wait in safety for a disaster to pass, but such a location is next to useless if you do not have a suitable vehicle to get you and your family there. Motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs are among the best bug out vehicles available to you. Read More 

Buying A Used Car: What You Should Look For

7 August 2015
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Buying a used car is a great way to get a quality vehicle without spending a lot of money. If you are concerned about buying a vehicle that has already been owned by someone else, there are key things you can look for in any used automobile for sale that can help you in your final purchasing decision. Here are things you should look out for when buying used cars. Read More 

Four Steps To Take At Home Before Applying For Auto Financing

4 August 2015
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Before you head down to the dealership or bank for auto financing, there are a few things that you can do to prepare at home. Auto financing is one of the most significant financial decisions you'll make, especially early in life, and you will want to make sure that you're prepared. 1. Get Together Your Pay Stubs Either get together the pay stubs from your checks or print out your bank statements to show your direct deposits. Read More