Tips For Inspecting A Used Front End Loader

14 January 2016
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Purchasing heavy equipment for your construction business is a huge investment, one that can be profitable when you make sure you only buy the best machines. If you spend a lot of money on a used tractor that has several repair issues, you may as well buy a new one because of the money you will end up spending on future repairs. Check out these tips for helping you save money by buying a used front end loader that is in good shape and ready to go to work.

Starting With The Obvious

Taking a close look at the tires on a front end loader can give you a hint about hard a previous owner was on it. If you see obvious signs like tears in the wheel wall, you might consider whether the tractor was used on jobs like those for demolition. Demolition jobs can mean a tractor driving through rubble that would do more damage than just cut tire walls. When checking out the tires, be sure to have a look for the following:

  • Sidewall ripples: If you see ripples in the sidewall of any of the tires, it could be an indicator that the interior liner is damaged.

  • Tire pressure: Be sure to check the pressure in all the tires. If any are too low, be sure to have them checked for slow leaks. Slow leaks are common in tractors that have been used in demolition because of driving over things like nails and screws, some that may still be in the tires causing the leak.

  • Bent rims and missing lug nuts or bolts: If a tire is missing a lug nut, it could a sign that the previous owner was not taking care of the tractor enough to notice. Missing lug nuts can be a safety hazard as well. If a rim is damaged or appears bent, you will have to have it replaced because it can pose safety issues also.

Engine Inspection Is Vital Before You Buy

Check the oil in any tractor you are considering for purchase. If oil levels are low, be sure to have a look in the engine for leaks. If a tractor is losing oil, you could end up with major and expensive engine repairs or complete engine replacement. Also, check hydraulic oil and antifreeze levels. If any of these fluids are low, they could be indicators of leaks. When you start the engine, listen for unusual noises and make sure there are no lights coming on telling you there is an internal engine problem.

Center Pivot Is Essential For Tractor Operation

A front end loader's movement depends on a properly functioning center pivot. If the previous owner did not grease the pivot bearing well and on a regular schedule, you could see up and down movement of the pins that is not good. Bucket operation depends on pivot functioning, so be sure to have a look at any paperwork about the kinds of maintenance provided for the tractor by the previous owner. Remember to have a close look at the dates on the paperwork. If a seller cannot offer you maintenance paperwork, you might consider looking at another tractor or having a mechanic check out the one without paperwork before you buy it.

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