4 Must-Ask Questions Before Agreeing To A New Car Purchase

19 April 2016
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So, you're in the market to buy a new car, and you understandably want to make sure you end up with a car you love for a great deal. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to recognize when you're being offered a fair deal. Before you sign any paperwork finalizing a vehicle purchase, then, there are a few vital questions you'll want to ask your salesperson or finance manager.

How Many Miles on the Odometer?

Many car buyers will understandably assume that a brand new car should come with just a few miles on the odometer. However, this isn't always the case. Always ask for an exact odometer reading before you finalize your purchase, especially if the car is being delivered from another dealership. If the car is going to have more than a few dozen miles on it, then it might be worth trying to negotiate a better deal. 

Is the Car on the Lot Right Now?

Don't assume that the car you want is on the lot and ready for you to take home just because the dealership is ready to sell it to you. There's a good chance the exact car you want (in the precise color and trim you're paying for) could be on another lot and will need to be transferred before you can bring it home. For most dealerships, this isn't a big deal and shouldn't take more than a couple of days, but it's worth asking about if you were looking forward to taking your new car home same-day.

What's the Out-the-Door Price?

When you're negotiating the price of your new car, keep in mind that you're only negotiating the sale price of the vehicle itself. You'll always have additional fees to deal with later on, including documentation fees, dealer fees, taxes, and the like. When working with your salesperson, then, be sure to ask for the "out-the-door" price, which is the total cost including all taxes and fees. And don't hesitate to ask about having some of those fees reduced or waived.

How Long Can You Guarantee This Price?

Finally, if you're not planning on buying a car the same day you visit the dealership, be sure to find out how long your salesperson can guarantee your price. The last thing you want is to lose out on a great deal because you waited too long to make your final decision on a car. Contact a business, such as Quebedeaux Buick GMC, for more information.