3 Ways Luxury Cars Could Be the Safe Choice

23 August 2016
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When you are considering buying a new vehicle, you may yearn for a luxury car, but think you should go for something more economical. Even if you can afford to purchase or finance one, you may think it is not practical. However, if safety is a concern, you may want to invest in a higher end car. You can fulfill your desire for luxury while keeping your family safer, a quite practical endeavor.

Night Driving

Research shows that 58% of all fatal crashes happen after dark. Some luxury vehicles overcome this issue with night vision cameras. They use infrared technology to make other objects visible from up to 500 feet away versus the 180 feet that are visible with ordinary headlights. Although the systems used by luxury car manufacturers vary, they all produce similar results. In the future, these systems may become more affordable, but at present, you won't find them in modestly priced autos.

Crash Resistant

Although mid-size vehicles have largely caught up to luxury cars in safety, higher end models are much safer than economy cars and have attractive features that make them easier to drive safely. These models will usually have back up cameras and adjustable pedals, both items that help reduce the chance of a crash. In addition, they will have advanced steering wheels that more fully adjust to your size and grip. Also, luxury cars are simply made with heavier materials, making them safer in case of a collision.

Auto Braking

Luxury cars are likely to have an auto braking system as standard equipment. These forward collision systems sense when your vehicle is about to hit another auto from behind and brake for you. Although the improvement in air bags has reduced the severity of collision injuries, the auto braking system means the airbags do not have to be deployed at all in these situations, eliminating those injuries that sometimes result from the protective devices themselves. If you buy a vehicle with this equipment, you will be protected from some of those distracted driving moments you may experience.

Overall, modern vehicles are much safer than they were even a few years ago. Even the economy models have many safety features. However, luxury vehicles tend to have the latest and best of innovative technology. If you need an excuse for buying a high-end car or SUV, improving your family's safety is the best one you can find. For more information, contact car financing services.