Maintaining a Truck to Use for Hauling in Your Business

31 October 2018
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When you're using a truck throughout the course of your business operations, you'll need to take care of the truck and get all you can from it. The better you look after your truck, the easier it'll be for you to haul, deliver, and store inventory, equipment, scrap or whatever you deal in. The time you put into managing the truck will pay you back with more efficiency and the ability to get more work done. To keep your truck running and able to haul for you, consider the following three suggestions. 

1: Know how much your truck can haul and don't overdo it

Pickup trucks are great for hauling, but you don't want to overburden the vehicle. To know whether or not you're pushing the limit, check with the manufacturer to learn the towing and hauling capacity. A lightweight Chevy, for instance, might have a max towing capacity of 9,400 pounds, while a bigger body model could haul more than 14,000 pounds. Always try to stay a good deal under the towing limit so that you don't run the risk of enduring any sort of problems. 

2: Invest in a quality truck bed to prolong the truck's life

When you're hauling with your pickup truck, it's important that you keep the bed in great condition. Invest in an aluma bed trailer or another type of pickup truck trailer that can work for you. It's important to also look into bed liners that will protect the truck while you haul. You can get a drop-in liner for between about $50 and $500 and can look into a spray on liner for more than $1,000. By buying a great liner and keeping up with it, your truck will be better able to endure any sort of haul. For more information, contact a company that sells these products, such as Ace Trailer Sales.

3: Keep up with the routine maintenance on your hauling truck

Caring for the truck means maintaining it under the hood, changing out old tires, keeping the headlights new, and more. You'll need to get access to a transmission shop that can give you a replacement and manage the fluids. An oil change is the most basic repair, and it will also give you plenty of value in return. The engine will run without fail and will lubricate the pistons and all other moving parts within it. Speak to a truck repair shop for an oil change so you can get it done frequently. It should only cost you between $55 and $70 or so.